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Spring 2014 by Danbak3r on Flickr.


Hey look! It’s my photo.


the US is unreal like girls cant wear shorts to school, you can literally lose your job for being gay, and unarmed black children are brutally murdered on the regular but old white ppl r still like “what a beautiful country. i can freely carry a gun for no reason and some of our mountains look like presidents. god bless”

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You will have days where you feel better, and you will have days where you want to die. Both are okay. There is no magical cure. You just need to close your eyes, and trust that the waves will pass, and soon you’ll be able to breathe again.


Aurel Schmidt-

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Patterns by William Morris, part III.

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The only way to produce a white tiger is through inbreeding. The severe inbreeding can result in many genetic defects including grotesquely crossed-eyes, facial features and mental impairments.

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After the 9/11 attacks, the Kenyan Maasai tribespeople gave 14 cows, their highest expression of regard and most valued possession, to American diplomats as a gesture of sympathy. Source

We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?.

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